What's new

2023-05-24 (cdede2d)

  • Only observations after year 2000 are now loaded in the system
  • Ground work to make the website multilanguage (NL / EN / FR)
  • multiple bug fixes and dependency upgrades

2023-03-29 (5bbb3a0)

  • Improved species selector (sortable, searchable, select all feature, tags, ...)
  • Multiple under-the-hood improvements

2023-03-21 (5f6010d)

  • Buttons to manage alerts are now directly available on the "alert details" page (#205)
  • Small user-interface improvement (#140)
  • Better API performance (#208)
  • Many internal fixes, improvements and ground work for better re-usability of the web application engine

2023-03-14 (58ca775)

  • Registered users can now edit their alerts (#120)

2023-03-08 (df96c57)

  • This "What's new" page has been added (#168)


  • A registered user can now delete its own account (see "my profile" page)(#179)
  • Multiple bug fixes and small usability improvements